Our waspies are perfect for giving that amazing thin waist that not only pulls your tummy in but shows off the bust!

Each has many steel bones to create the shape and prevent "pinching" and also contains our secret ingredient to make them more comfortable to wear!

Waspies can give a dramatic effect, pulling you in where you are most flexible. They look great over most clothes but look particularly good with a blouse or over a simple dress.

Waspie can have either a traditional busk fastener or our strong zip.

We recommend ordering 4" smaller than your NATURAL waist measurement. If you like a gap at the back or you are used to waist training, you can purchase a waspie up to 6" smaller.

Feel free to pop me an email if you wish to discuss sizing further.




Black PVC Waspie

Striking black PVC waspie!

A corset that we're well known for!

Our design allows the use of this surprisingly soft PVC, that looks and feels great, in a proper body-shaping corset.

Black Pinstripe Waspie

Versatile black pinstripe waspie - one of our best sellers!

Easy to wear & comfortable for that great narrow shape. Equally at home making something special out of a black dress or over a white shirt, this corset goes with almost anything!

Pink & Gold Paisley Waspie

Amazing pink paisley fabric with fine gold highlights makes for a stunning look!

Finished in white duchesse bias and a white lace, this beautiful waspie will pull in your waist to highlight your shape and dress.

Compliments either light or dark dresses, evening gowns or separates.

Black Dupion Satin & Lava Waspie

A perfect match of our unique "lava" fabric with black satin panels - we love this corset!

The soft wave-textured lava fabric really makes this waspie stand out as it pulls you in!

We have skirts and bolero jackets in the same fantastic combination for an outfit that will really make you feel fabulous!

Black Dragon Brocade Waspie

Black dragon brocade satin fabric with black duchesse satin panels to accent the shape.

This amazing black satin brocade has stitched Chinese dragon pattern in gold with subtle red, blue, green and yellow highlights. Black duchesse satin panels and bias give a stunning look over black satin or cotton.

Black PVC Blue Bias Waspie

Soft black PVC with bright blue bias stripes.

This waspie gives a striking look with shiny soft PVC and bright blue bias that shines under spotlights!

Black PVC & Rainbow Waspie

Striking waspie pulls your waist & gets you noticed! Our soft PVC with bright rainbow bias.

Fabulous corset that really stands out - particularly under UV light!

Modesty Panel

Modesty panel to cover under the lacing at the back of the corset.

A modesty panel is a strip of fabric that is tacked to the inside of one side of the back of the corset. When you put the corset on, position the panel over the gap and keep tucking it in as you pull the corset tight.

Modesty panels are made from the same fabric as the corset as standard, though other fabrics may be used - just drop us a line!

Some people like a modesty panel to keep the colour of the corset at the back or simply to cover the skin. If you are new to corsets, please bear in mind that it is perfectly normal for the skin to fold a little under the lace (many people like that bit!) and it can be fiddly to tighten the lace whilst keeping a modesty panel straight!

Black PVC White Bias Waspie

Soft black PVC with UV reactive, white bias stripes.

This waspie gives a striking look with shiny soft PVC and bright white bias that glows under UV Lightsts!