Ivory Satin & Net, Lace Trim

Closed Front

These elegant corsets have no fastener at the front so have a "clean" look and can show the fabric well. They are also particularly comfortable to wear.

Closed front corsets can be a shaped-top, emphasising the curve of the bust, a sweep-top with a wider front or straight-top for a simple elegant line. They fit by fully opening the lace at the back, then pulling over the head like a jumper. Once in place they are very comfortable. We often make closed-front corsets for wedding dresses, proms and evening gowns.

Modesty panels are available if required - just add one to the basket from the list below and we'll fit it for you. These cover the skin behind the lace (usually with the same fabric as the corset) and just require a little more care to position as you tighten the corset.


Ivory Satin, Net & Lace Sweep Top

Sweep-top corset of a pale ivory satin, textured with white net and topped with white lace trim.
Fitted over the head this closed front corset gives a clean look and is very comfortable to wear. The fine net over the satin gives a lovely texture with a slight sparkle. Great with an ivory or white skirt for weddings, balls or proms!

Ivory Satin Flower Lace Sweep Top

Lace front accented by satin side panels and a wide "sweep" top.
Fits over the head to emphasise the front panel of pale ivory satin covered in a delicate floral lace. Looks amazing with a large skirt as a wedding dress or, as shown in these pictures, with our Caitlin Skirt.

Ivory Satin & White Feather Sweep Top

A classic line closed front soft satin corset complimented with delicate feathers.
The wide "sweep" top of this lovely corset is the perfect place for soft white feathers!

Plum Floral Sweep Top

Lovely plum coloured fabric with a subtle floral pattern, trimmed with black satin bias.

Sweep top corset fits over the head like a jumper to give a clean line at the front. This design and fabric make for a particularly comfortable corset.

This corset looks great matched with our Tulip skirt in the same fabric.

*We're very low on this fabric*

Grey Stripe Sweep Top

Grey fabric with a subtle random stripe to give texture, trimmed with a black satin bias.

Sweep Top corset fits over the head like a jumper giving a clean closed front to show off the shape and fabric. The design and fabric make this a particularly comfortable corset.

This corset is a great match with our matching Tulip skirt in the same fabric.

*We're very low on this fabric*

Black with White Polka Dot Closed Front

This closed front corset fits over the head and fastens with a lace at the back.

Fits with a straight top over the bust.

Black cotton side panels and bias trim with white polka dot front and back!

This corset looks great with our matching lolita frill skirts.

Black Satin With Black Feather Top

Soft black duchesse satin with black feather trim over the bust.

The closed front gives a lovely clean line to this corset which closes with a lace at the back.

Black duchesse satin is used in many of our skirts and jackets for matching suits!

Modesty Panel

Modesty panel to cover under the lacing at the back of the corset.

A modesty panel is a strip of fabric that is tacked to the inside of one side of the back of the corset. When you put the corset on, position the panel over the gap and keep tucking it in as you pull the corset tight.

Modesty panels are made from the same fabric as the corset as standard, though other fabrics may be used - just drop us a line!

Some people like a modesty panel to keep the colour of the corset at the back or simply to cover the skin. If you are new to corsets, please bear in mind that it is perfectly normal for the skin to fold a little under the lace (many people like that bit!) and it can be fiddly to tighten the lace whilst keeping a modesty panel straight!