Gold Brocade & Bronze Taffeta Shaped Top


Our famous overbust corsets give that great instant shape with a comfortable length that looks great either against the skin or over a favourite dress or top.

Each has over 20 steel bones to give the curve without pinching and our secret ingredient to make them uniquely comfortable to wear!

Overbust corsets can be either shaped-top, emphasising the curve of the bust, or straight-top for a simple elegant line. They fasten with either the traditional busk or our strong zip fastener.

Modesty panels are available if required - just add one to the basket from the list below and we'll fit it for you. These cover the skin behind the lace (usually with the same fabric as the corset) and just require a little more care to position as you tighten the corset.


Gold / Bronze Panel Overbust

A real head-turner this beautiful corset combines an amazing bronze, cream & gold brocade fabric with bronze taffeta panels.

This corset always gets noticed and is one of our favourites. It was inspired by a trip to a great fabric wholesaler next to a tulip field and a canal in the Netherlands!

This corset changes colour with the angle of view and the light. The brocade contains creams, browns, bronze and the gold thread shines under spotlights or sunlight. The taffeta panels change from bright & coppery to dark bronze!

Black Satin Shaped-Top

One of our best sellers! Gives a wonderful flattering shape and goes with almost anything.

Good quality black duchesse satin gives a slight gloss to compliment the deep black colour.

This elegant corset looks fabulous with a skirt or trousers and can transform a simple dress into something stunning for a special occasion!

Black Pinstripe Shaped Top Overbust

Shaped-Top overbust corset in soft black pinstripe.

Versatile and popular corset that goes with just about anything! Slightly fewer bones retain the pinstripe pattern, giving the great shape with, some say, even more comfortable.

We use the same soft, slightly stretchy pinstripe in many of our skirts to make a full matching look!

Black Watch Tartan Shaped-Top

Lovely soft blue and green tartan overbust corset.
Subtle and distinctive tartan goes well with black skirts. Designed as a suit with our matching Black Watch Tartan Bustle Skirt.

Black Satin Overbust with White Panels

A striking corset, the white panels really emphasise the great shape that you get instantly with a Rosa corset!

We like this corset so much we've used it on the front of our flyers!

Pink Satin Straight-Top With Lace Trim

A lovely corset of soft pink satin trimmed top and bottom with black lace.
Straight-Top Overbust corset looks great with a black skirt or trousers.

Black Silver Floral with Black Panels

Very pretty corset, the silver floral pattern catches the sun or a spotlight!
Black duchesse satin side panels emphasises the shape that the corset creates when pulled in. Looks fabulous with a long voluminous skirt!

Red Chinese Satin, Black Panels & Feathers

A really striking corset, this is one to make a statement!

Smooth red Chinese patterned satin with black panels and complimentary red and black coque feather "skirt".

A very flattering corset  to get you noticed!

Yes, you can sit down in it if you're careful...

Looks fantastic with matching feather collar and cuffs!

Black Satin Purple & Lace Panels

The purple satin and lace panels really compliment the shape beautifully.

This corset really gives a lovely curvy shape, stressing the pulled-in waist and the curve of the bust & hips.

Looks amazing with a black satin skirt of any length.

Pink Dragon Brocade Straight Overbust

Stunning bright pink dragon brocade overbust corset.

Hot pink satin brocade with stitched Chinese dragon pattern in gold with subtle blue, green, red and yellow highlights. Trimmed in black satin bias, this is a straight-top corset that holds the bust and is usually worn over a skirt or dress.