Corset FAQ

A few answers to commonly asked questions about Corsets...!

What shapes are there?

We have lots of options but there are a few basic styles to consider…



Overbust or underbust?

Fairly self explanatory, though bear in mind that you can sometimes pull an underbust in more around the waist – the ribs don’t move!



This is a short underbust that fits around the narrowest part of the waist.


Overbust, straight top

Sits in a clean, straight line over the bust, whilst still revealing a (now lifted!) cleavage.


Overbust, shaped top

Curved over the bust to give a different shape that can accentuate the bust.



Long-lines fit slightly further down below the waist. They can “hold more in” and look even more graceful over a dress but may restrict your sitting ability!


Busk front

The busk is the classic front fastener that holds the corset together using studs and eyes on solid steel plates.


Zip front

Used instead of a busk for a different look and are slightly easier to fit. The construction around our zips is reinforced so they are VERY strong.


Closed front

These still use a lace at the back but have no fastener at the front. This gives a clean look and some find them more comfortable to wear. To put a closed front corset on, loosen the laces a lot and slip the corset over you head like a pull-over.


Do you have one to fit me?! I'm so big / thin!

Yes, we will. We have made corsets from 16” to 60” (neither of those is a misprint!).


Are they uncomfortable?

A correctly made and fitted corset should be tight but not uncomfortable. The high number of bones and our secret ingredient make Heresy corsets give you a great shape without pinching.

You may find that you will be able to pull in more, or may need to loosen as you wear the corset - just adjust the laces.

By adjusting the laces it is also possible to vary the tension a little eg. to fit tight around the hip & loose around the bust.

The longer the corset, the more it will hold you, so you may have more support and shape but it may be more tricky to sit down! "Perching" on chairs can help - and looks nice!


Why would I want one?

One of the delights of making corsets is they make everyone look better. We regularly have people burst into tears with happiness when they look in the mirror!

Our corsets have a lot of steel bones to give you an hourglass shape and keep you there. It's an instant diet and can help your posture!

Look and feel fabulous in 5 minutes!


What would I wear it with?

Corsets can be worn with just about anything. People wear our corsets every day, for special occasions, even at work.

Wear it over your favourite dress! You can put a corset over a simple black dress and instantly turn it into a ball gown!

At the other end of the scale, one of our biggest sellers is a black pinstripe to go with jeans and a t-shirt.


Do they stop your insides working?!

This is a common misconception from old wive's tales of waist training in Victorian times. The only effect we have seen is some people eat smaller portions of food (and still feel full!) whilst wearing one!

They can be very good for posture as they can “hold you up”.


Why wouldn’t I get one from China for £15?

You can get a “basque” that looks a bit like a corset but doesn’t pull you in, hold you up, give you the hourglass shape or last very long! There’s a place for that, and we’re not knocking it, it’s just a different thing altogether.


Aren’t corsets for the bedroom?!

Almost all of our corsets are worn to be seen and look great when going out. They are fashion statements and make you look and feel great. We're sure many are worn in the bedroom and that’s just fine!


Can my child have one?

We do not advise children to wear corsets until they have stopped growing. It may be more prudent to get a pretty "basque" with no (or plastic) bones.