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Sizing & Fitting

Don't know your size or confused about how to wear it (or take it off!)? Read on...!

Corset Sizing


Yes, we can make corsets to fit you! (We've made them from 16-60 inches)

The simple method is your waist size minus 4 inches. So if the narrowest part of your waist is 32”, the chances are a 28” corset will fit!

It’s amazing how often this simple sizing works, however, if you want the perfect fit, send us your measurements: -

     Bust (in inches, not cup size)

     Waist (in inches around the narrowest part)

     Your hip (in inches around the largest part)

...and we’ll make one to fit you perfectly!


Skirt Sizing

Skirts are measured it inches to ensure the perfect fit. The size is the waist size in inches. This is the measurement around the top of the skirt so if you like a hipster - measure a little lower down!


Jacket Sizing 

Boleros are Small to Extra Large, though I you'd like the perfect fit, drop us a line & we'll tell you what to measure!



Corset Fitting Tips

It is easiest to get someone to help, though it is actually quite easy to put a corset on yourself when you get the knack!

1. Untie the bow in the lace and loosen it in the eyelets to give the corset some slack.

2. Open the busk or zip and put the corset around you.

3. Fasten the front: -

If there is a zip, simply close it fully.

For a busk fastener, close the middle stud, then the top. Then close from the bottom to the middle. Now undo the top stud and finish by closing from the middle up to the top. Trust us – it works!

4. If fitted, fasten the hook-and-eye at the top.

5. Now wiggle the corset to make sure it is sitting in the middle at the front and at the correct height to hold you in at the right places.

6. Pull the two loops in the laces in the middle at the back. (if you are putting your own corset on you may find your thumbs useful!).

7. Hold the loops as you work the lace through the eyelets and tighten it evenly through the length of the corset.

Ease of tightening will vary with what you are wearing underneath (it’s easier to pull over skin or light cotton than a velvet top!).

8. When tight enough, simply tie the lace in a single or double bow.

9. The corset should hold you firmly but not be uncomfortable. You will find that over an evening you will be able to pull the corset in more as you get used to it.

NB. If you have a modesty panel you will need to tuck it across the gap before you begin to pull the lace and keep tucking to prevent it folding as you tighten.


Removal is simple though please undo the bow and loosed the laces before you undo the busk or zip. You may find your body needs to be let out gradually (it feels nice!) and it puts less stress on both the corset and you!

Over weeks and months you may find that your waist can be pulled in more (Please take medical advice if you are considering "training" your waist).